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At Mindful Meadow, I work with clients one-on-one to meet their nutrition goals. If you are interested in investing in your health and future, then I am here to make that possible and support you on your journey.

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Meadow GrayNutrition Coach


I will work with you on an individual basis to understand in depth your nutrition goals and background so we can work together to get you to where you want to be. We will focus on how to create sustainable lifestyle changes so you can enjoy the life you want while maintaining a healthy mind and body.

Meadow Gray

Nutrition Coach

Meadow Gray

Nutrition Coach

“The initial meeting was excellent, as we started off by setting personal goals for myself and how I can endeavour to achieve them by adding different food groups to meals I already know and love for a more balanced diet. Furthermore, we discussed what a balanced diet looks like and how I can achieve it. On the mindfulness side, we talked about how to appreciate my meals more by taking more time to eat and not rushing. We also talked about how to put on weight in a healthy way, as there have been weight loss problems in the past. This was very helpful for me, as I had no idea how to improve my diet. I would highly recommend this for anyone trying to improve their relationship with food and their diet. All in all, it was a very friendly experience.” -Harry
"The meeting was really helpful. I learned what balanced meals are and how to achieve a more balanced diet by making small changes to my everyday meals. We discussed my diet goals and how I can strive to work on them. We also discussed the mindfulness aspect of my diet and how to not judge myself when I’m not eating quite as healthy as I would like to be. Having struggled with my eating habits in the past, I found this meeting very educational and would definitely recommend it to anyone who is working on their relationship with their diet.” -Zu

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Online Courses

I offer a course in basic nutrition so you can develop a better understanding of nutrition to either support your coaching sessions or to learn independently. You will be given a solid foundation for creating change in your life.
Understanding Basic Nutrition
In this course, you will learn the fundamentals of nutrition. You will leave with a better understanding of how different aspects of your diet impact your health.